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Do you want to become a certified mBIT Coach? 


Are you ready to learn the most groundbreaking coaching methodology? 


mBIT enables you to go through a personal evolution so you can be the best version of yourself for your employees, clients, and people in your life.

mBIT coaching enables you and your clients to make a transformative difference and creates positive changes in the following areas.

What areas do you or the people you work with struggle with?

- Internal conflict between your thoughts, feelings, and actions
- Repeatedly not acting upon or sabotaging your dreams, goals, and plans
- Doing unwanted or unhelpful behaviors or habits and don't know why and find difficulty in stopping
- Challenges in making decisions or are unable to motivate yourself to take action towards your goals
- Chronically experiencing disempowering emotional states such as frustration, depression, anger, anxiety etc.
- Chronic health issues, especially those to do with the heart or gut regions


Have you ever...

Have you ever struggled to create real in-depth transformational change in a coaching session?

Perhaps your clients or team keep doing the same old behaviors?

Maybe you've been thinking about becoming a coach? Or even starting your own coaching business?

What would it make possible if you could add more transformational skills to your current coaching business or within your organisation?

Here is your chance to learn innate transformational change and techniques, and not just learn them, become a fully certified mBIT coach in 2019.

Why mBIT?

- Offers additional insight into human behavior
- Provides tools for lasting behavioral change
- Helps with effective decision making
- Builds simple practical ways to reduce stress and to create clarity and restore emotional balance
- Promotes communication, connection, success, and happiness

What is mBIT?

Watch Now - mBraining - Coaching the Head, Heart and Gut Brains -

(Multiple Brain Integration Techniques) is an amazing new field of applied neuroscience which relates to every aspect of being human; health and wellbeing, personal development, success, and motivation.

It is interesting that the latest research is now demonstrating what many of us have known intuitively for centuries; that we have at least three separate intelligences operating in our bodies, in our head, our heart, and our gut.

Neuroscience research shows that the neurological make-up of the heart and gut is similar to that of our brain.

These intelligences form connections, retain memories and influence our decisions and behaviours. mBIT informs how to listen to them; to take courageous action and make effective decisions.

Think about where some of your best decisions come from, is it your head, or do you ‘go with your heart’ or have you ‘followed your gut instinct’? Could it have been all three?

When one or more of our brains are not ‘listened to’ or aligned, it can lead to internal conflict, stress, bad decision making and unhappiness. mBIT is a suite of tools and techniques used to bring about ecological goal-oriented outcomes.

If you happen to be NLP trained you will also discover that mBraining expands NLP models by scientifically building upon what you already know about the cognitive brain, and addressing and integrating the emotional and somatic brains.

During the four days of exhilarating training you will discover:

- How neuroscience research is indicating that you have intelligence not only in your head, but also your heart and your gut

- How to recognise and interpret the different languages of your three intelligences

- How mBIT can streamline your coaching processes to gain quicker, deeper, transformative results

- How to balance your client's autonomic nervous system for optimum self-awareness

- How you can actively educate your gut and heart for greater intuition and decision making

- Using mBIT processes in the following important skill domains in life can make a fundamental difference in the quality of your life and the results you achieve.

- Self Awareness
- State Management
- Courage & Action
- Decision Making
- Habit Control
- Health & Wellbeing

If you have clients, colleagues, family or friends with any of the following, mBIT will help.

- Conflict between their thoughts, feelings and actions and are unsure how to handle it
- Difficulty making decisions or not knowing if the choices they make are right for them?
- Repeatedly not acting upon or sabotaging their dreams, goals or plans and are unsure of why?
Struggling with unwanted behaviours and habits and having difficulty creating new ones?
Feelings of disempowerment due to stress, frustration, anxiety and the struggle to balance life?
Or do they simply want to achieve more, feel they are fulfilling their potential?
If this resonates, this course will benefit you, and the people you work with.


Next mBIT Certification Course is with Adrian on 26th - 29th in Richmond, London


mBIT Coach

“I did the mBIT Coaching training with Adrian. I have to say one of the best trainings I have done both for career and self development as well. Adrian created a safe, relaxed and compassionate environment so that I could really be myself, I could better myself and thrive. Regina Brancato- Dunderdale, Certified mBIT Coach 

mBIT Coach

"It is the most effective transformational coaching technique I’ve encountered to date. Getting so much to the core so quickly, that is really what makes mBIT ‘pop’ to me" - Christel Friberg Land,  Certified mBIT Coach 

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